Friday, May 30, 2008

since i've cut back my drinking to a few on the weekends i've dropped somewhere close to 17 lbs. okay, no big whoop but i like beer and since i don't drink to excess, haven't had a hangover since my last big one, i was 27 and it was 2 days of living hell and i realized that that sort of over-drinking, you know having a many few [in the phrase of the late, great john berryman] and trying to amplify heaven, simply ain't worth it.

still, i like beer and like drinking it, the taste, the texture, the effect. so i limit my intake to the weekend only. why not. indeed.

enuff ov dat. taking nicholas to the drive-in tomorrow night where we plan on showing him the playgrounds, the snack bar and so forth. will he dig it? i sure will, and i'm looking forward to watching his reaction to a place that i've loved since i was nicholas's age.

in other news, reading jim mccrary again, slowly, deeply and with great pleasure.

also, last june oz poet derek motion and me wrote daily poems called 'splatter' using ginsberg's dictum 'first thought, best thought' as the platform. which sure didn't mean me since my fifth thought is as bad as my first. has it been a year already? i can't keep track of time no more. anyhow, expect derek and me to be at it again beginning tomorrow, and see if we can see to see.

furthermore, gina myers tagged me to do a survey meme. this one is cool. i should be doing that instead of typing this. however, take this as a pledge that i'll be stealing gina's survey template and giving you my answers here, directly.

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