Saturday, May 17, 2008

it's hot in northern california. real hot. how hot? triple digits. the show in sf last night, crowded house at the fillmore, was fantastic. first time at the fillmore which dates back to the hippie era when the dead and jefferson airplane would perform in all their wild glory back in the day. more on that later perhaps, my impressions of the fillmore because it was my first time there.

however, it was hot in sf, a city known for its temperate clime. it was freaking hot, i mean close to 100 degrees f. and sf is a city without air conditioning. anna and i freaking roasted! everytime i went to the bar the bartender kept moaning about the heat. i told her i'm from sac, a city used to very hot weather in summer but at least we have air conditioning. i then asked, doesn't sf believe in air conditioning. that's when another employee said, no. no air conditiong and if i thought the building was hot i should've been there earlier that afternoon when not even the devil himself could've staunched the heat.

here a few things that seem to be poems in of themselves i witnessed standing in line on geary st in sf waiting for the doors to open for the show:

--beer bottle tossed thru the rear door of a muni bus during a regular stop

--middle-aged skate punk with a navy blue shirt with ALAMEDA COUNTY JAIL on the back pushing a street person in a wheelchair up to nearby liquor store and walking back down geary st with two cans of beer

--young woman eager to talk treating herself to the show as reward after a long grueling year at university who then was surprised that i recognized the name of her poet-professor

in short, it was a great evening. neil finn possesses one of the greatest voices in pop music. i got goose-bumps when he nearly closed the set with 'i fall at your feet'. i love that song.


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