Wednesday, May 14, 2008

surrealisms after watching la belle captive by alain robbe-grillet

magritte made the painting la belle captive so it would be filmed by a novelist

manet made the painting of an execution so it would be used in a film

trust just the head for the heart will lead thru a moebius strip

the head tho will get it wrong and you will find yourself on a moebius strip

alban berg made music just for this film

the woman is not dead is not a vampire is not a woman

the other woman is his boss is dressed in leather is driving the motorcycle at night is an icon

this is reality this is not real

thunder claps as if it knows the ending

this is not film is not pictorial novel is not painting is not score

the beach is not in uruguay it is in death

eroticism is not pornography it is the station that lead to the head and so the genitals

s&m imagery is not pornography too it is not it is

black shades black leather frilly blouse silver chrome

he is executed he is not dead

desire is obsession is the consummate searching

her body is found handcuffed in the street in the bed

he is obsessed with blood from neck bites sometimes there is no blood

he learns with some realities there is no end at all


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