Monday, May 05, 2008

tonight in an email i mentioned an old east bay punk band, code of honor, that was one of my favorite bands back in the early '80s. i was bitching about how code of honor's debut album, code of honor, is long out of print. i was complaining how somebody must own the masters somewhere. it was a double-sided album, one side was code of honor, and the other side was another east bay band, sick pleasure, who were if i remember correctly the members of code of honor with a different, gravel voiced singer, nikki sikki. sick pleasures songs had titles like 'i shot the muni driver' and other such homilies. code of honor on the other hand were a politically motivated group. they aligned themselves with skate punk and the cover art of their side of the lp was three skateboards and a les paul lined up against a graffitied wall. they put on a great live show and i'd seen them live countless times back in the day.

so tonight i find one of their two videos. frankly i didn't know they had videos. but here it is. the song is 'stolen faith' from their eponymous debut.


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