Monday, April 21, 2008

this morning i had an apt. with my dr. first cause of worry is diabetes but i don't have many of the symptoms, such as sores or lumps. he ordered an array of tests which must be done after fasting for 12 hrs. so back to the lab i go later this week.

i feel 80% of normal even tho i decided to take the whole day off work and rest up. sat. night i was feeling pretty beat up. yesterday i was much improved. i asked the dr. if there any bugs going around with my kind of symptoms. he said, richard, there are bugs we have no idea about where patients come back with clean labs and feel as miserable as you.

my father reminded me that my own schedule might've contributed to my illness. how so, i asked. he said, don't you often stay up late at night and write? well, yr body needs rest and so yr immune system was lowered because of a lack of rest so when you caught that bug in tahoe yr body immediately shut down.

i think he's got a point. i feel well enough to write. i've not felt like that for 2 weeks.

oh, and i need a haircut. my hair is over my ears which makes these goofy cowlicks. good gawd!


At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so weird. Reading your blog is like reading my own diary written from a third person point of view.


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