Wednesday, May 07, 2008

lisa, lisa

after the 2 middle-aged goombas wearing suits
[tarantino probably got the idea
for the natty dressed thugs for resevoir dogs from watching this]
killed 2 men along with their young sidekick with so much
hair and beard from a distance i almost called out yeti
went on a psycho killing spree because on the run
from the law they hide out at psycho lisa's farm
a young woman taking care of her grandfather who could
neither walk nor talk & yet lisa neither knew the men
or cared where they came from only that they got in the way
it so happened both goombas wanted lisa
in a bad way but instead got the axe while their young
sidekick is freaking out because of all the death & violence
to confide in lisa only to discover her own bloody handiwork
all this clocked in just over an hr because exploitation producer
harry novak is clairvoyant with what the audience will watch
slow paced still but the flick remains a model of concision
shit got done as lisa gets revenge and proves she's just
as nuts as the rest of them & so what indeed
as i type these lines the police chopper circles searching
for someone while sirens blare from down the street
going to who knows where that it appears the world
is a world of death & violence or better still as the old
u.k. punk band the exploited titled a song 'sex & violence'
where those are the only words repeated in a constant refrain
is something novak would probably attest to if i could ask him about it
but i figure he couldn't hardly care to give a shit

[written after watching the exploitation film axe; alternate titles lisa, lisa & the virgin slaughter]


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