Tuesday, June 03, 2008

below kevin thurston participates in gina myer's survey mean. dig it.

kevin thurston's survery meme

What were you doing five years ago?
1.) living in baltimore
2.) got my first 'real job'
3.) making alot of visual pieces
4.) unsure
5.) smoking pot (see #4)

What are five things (in no particular order) on your to-do list for today?
1.) not drink
2.) do laundry
3.) shower
4.) lament that my one day of tardiness caused my parking ticket to go from $30 to $60
5.) wish i had a job (kinda)

What are five snacks you enjoy?
1.) tortilla chips
2.) salsa
3.) tortilla chips & salsa
4.) jelly beans
5.) gummy bears (haribo only)

What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire?
1.) not wish (kinda) i had a job
2.) own as many fancy books as patrick lovelace (http://bymygreencandle.blogspot.com/)
3.) travel like a silly man
4.) buy my way to the top of the art world
5.) sell the top of the art world

What are five of your bad habits?
1.) nose-picking
2.) passive aggressiveness
3.) lacking posture/exercise
4.) reading the internet when I should be working on something
5.) lacking the ability to be productive when i have infinite time

What are five places you have lived?
1.) tonawanda, ny
2.) buffalo, ny
3.) white plains/purchase, ny
4.) baltimore, md
5.) washington, dc

What are five jobs you have had?
1.) house keeping (at an office)
2.) account executive
3.) newspaper boy
4.) catalog manger (Randy, anyone?)
5.) small press fair organizer


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Geof Huth said...

Kinda looks like Kevin attended SUNY Purchase as does my son.



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