Saturday, November 29, 2008

drips & drizzles

that's the description of my physical state. i've been nursing a cold for a few days, no biggie, but now my cold manifested in a hacking cough and my nose has become a leaky spigot. it's gross. so i'm staying in today to rest up. was wanting to see the film let the right one in today but i'd hate to sit in an audience with me and my hacking. hell, i'm annoying myself with it. and i sure as fuck would not enjoy the experience of the movies coughing and snorting. so i'm gonna wait to see the movie after work monday night.

anyways, let me point you to a very readable blog by oakland poet dillon westbrook. no, i don't know westbrook, couldn't point him out in a line-up, but i enjoy his reading his posts. so check out ideational continent where you'll discover, among other things such as his love of the 80s pop band huey lewis & the news [i like them too - we all have our guilty pleasures, yes?], this brilliant open letter to the supporters of prop. 8.

now, if you'll excuse me i have to blow my nose. and maybe my mind too.


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