Sunday, November 30, 2008

singing and hacking

you don't want to hear either from me. trust me. when i sing, and i do it all the time around the house, in the car, walking, and even in the shower, eardrums crack and pavement shifts. not in some orphic homage but because my voice is so flat and out of tune that it is painful on those poor innocents who happen to be within listening range. it's the same as when i cough, hacking up a 3rd of my left lung does not sound pretty. i'd revel in the noise, i really would, if only it wasn't so painful. well, maybe i could simply pretend to be a consumptive poet from the turn of the last century, spend what little i have on rum, and turn the pillow over to find the cool spot for my aching head. or maybe i could just simply point you to this blog entry by the kansas poet laureate denise low about jim mccrary. now, i've got a couple of movies to watch.


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