Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the suck of christmas

we each have our own favorite christmas songs but we also share a like or even greater number of christmas songs that we absolutely loathe. take your pick. mine is the following: 'christmas shoes' by newsong, which was both a song and a movie. gawd, an icepick thru the frontal lobes would be preferable to listening to this fucking fucker of a fucked up dirge. when i asked a friend at work yesterday what is the christmas song she most hated she immediately shouted 'christmas shoes' thus knocking me from my chair in total agreement. tonight i described the song to anna which led us to search youtube for it. she nearly ran to the bathroom in case of upchucking. the song, and the movie, delineates the desire of a little boy to cobble together enough cash to buy his dying mother a pair of shoes so she would have something to wear in heaven. now most holiday songs try to tug our heartstrings but this is a composition that takes out your soul, stomps on it, blackens it, then shoves it back in with a fuck you, have a very fucking christmas.

here is the song. consider yourself warned.


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