Monday, January 19, 2009

deliberate random

i'm not one to cotton to the idea of fate. what we think of as fate is often what i consider a series of coincidences. i could be quite wrong in my assessments of fate but i'd not hedge a bet in its favor. luck and randomness is the operating systems of our varied realities.

still, one can count on luck and plan for it. maybe. with a little luck at any rate. think of a particularly good text or movie that either you had created or have read. if we call if a miracle it is only because the piece fits its own design and that design dictated itself to existence. what the author does is facilitate in its creation.

it is a process i like to think of as magic. talent has a large role in creation but luck i think plays a bigger role. there are mysteries of our days. why i use the plural in calling our consciousness, sub and otherwise, 'realities' relates to their being individual and shared. what happens in my mind is different than yours even if we share the same language we use the same words differently. if i manage to communicate to you in a way we both can understand it is because i have a talent for it, yes, but more important luck allowed the words to come into a shared understanding of their meaning.

what i hope to do as a writer is make that luck happen deliberately from a practice of attention to language, its materiality, and by hard work. i somehow think of these notions as a process, again, of magic. perhaps that is why the traditional word for poet is 'maker'. language is a form of communication but it also can cast spells.


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