Saturday, January 03, 2009

billy little [1943 - 2009]

just got an email from daniel f bradley that the canadian poet succumbed after a long illness with cancer and died on new year's day. you'll find more details on daniel's blog regarding the circumstances of little's last days. little possessed a great good humor and composed his own obit. here it is.


after decades of passion, dedication to world peace and justice, powerful frindships, recognition, being loved undeservedly by extraordinary women, a close and powerful relationship with a strong, handsome, capable, thoughtful son Matt, a never ending stream of amusing ideas, affections shared with a wide range of creative men and women, a long residence in the paradisical landscape of hornby island, sucess after sucess in the book trade, fabulous meals, unmeasurable inebriation, dancing beyond exhaustion, satori after satori,
billy little regrets he's unable to schmooze today.
in lieu of flowers please send a humongous donation to the war resisters league.

I'd like my tombstone to read:

billy little
hydro is too expensive

but I'd like my mortal remains to be set adrift on a flaming raft off chrome island


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