Friday, January 02, 2009

_ _____ of letters

sometimes the engine simply turns on. there is always the desire to write but there are moments, days, even weeks, when the need to write dominates. this is one of those periods.

same goes for reading. there is always reading but there are moments, days, even weeks when the need to read dominates. this is one of those periods.

but in what form does my reading/writing take? what platform: electronic or print. both? yes, of course but i think any writer that does not use the infoweb today is rather naive at best or foolish at worst.

the past couple of days i've been reading the blog and a couple of pdf books self-published by chris piuma. he even uses twitter, that online communication device perfectly designed for the minimalist. anyhow, piuma in a post talks about a print journal and then thinks out loud that some of the pieces should be published online so everyone can read it. but also there is a great pleasure of holding the journal in hand too.

as i make notes and try to pull some texts together i think i'd rather put them online, either in a blog format or as a pdf. but then i like the small, intimate chapbook form too. and so far thus i've resisted taking the laptop in the john with me. i prefer print.

would it be terribly quaint to use an old-fashioned appellation for a writer? could i distort it just a bit? therefore might i become a dude of letters.


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