Friday, December 26, 2008


i'm preparing to take nicholas outside so he can ride his new green bicycle with training wheels, a gift from santa which the boy so wanted he nearly had an out of body experience when he saw it parked by the tree on christmas morn. the weather is clear, cold and sunny. and anna and i have nursed our colds into full-blown coughs and sniffles. everyone seems to have this sort of cold and that it lingers for several weeks.

ah, is it a gift that we may find beauty in the midst of madness and chaos? i mean in the world at large and not necessarily our own individual lives. would it be that the necessity of art, any type of art, is partly defined by our need for definition and beauty? hmmm. . .at any rate, may the new year be better than this concluding year. may each one of you be safe and hold dearly to loved ones and the tasks that make you the individual you are.

may this benediction be consigned to an early new years greeting and that the world and us in it make it new as we go thru our days of a very early new century.

may we find love and beauty when and where we seek it.

below is the utterly sublime k.d. lang's version of a great song by leonard cohen.


At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Okir said...

Thanks for these words, Richard -- and also for the song....


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