Thursday, January 01, 2009

vectoring [addendum]

i knew i would do it and so i have. i realized i left out many people on my imaginary journey. no, no one emailed and asked what i might have against say texas or something. but i'm gonna have to make another trip soon so i can visit say north carolina where guillermo parra is living or my brother in arms jone cone in iowa. hang on, sloopy, i'll be making that jaunt just yet. maybe ya'all can come to northern california. here's one of my fantasies: that poets and artists who try to eke out livings in very expensive cities such as nyc or sf realize that art is where you make it and is not tied necessarily to geography. you don't go to nyc and seek out the haunts of frank o'hara to become a poet. you become a poet because you want to and if you read frank o'hara then his work and example of life in poetry turns into your own private idaho. so each one of you move to sac where it is still relatively cheap to live. i say relative because california is a very crowded and still muy expensive state. but the weather pays for itself. it really does. winter is the best 9 weeks of the year.

wtf, right? i read this evening geof huth's and mIEKAL aND's collaborative book of pwoermds texistence [xerox sutra editions; 2008] and discovered many delights. a few made me laugh out loud. but the one i most relate to reads thus:


i love the conjunction of the word 'loaf' with the prefix 'be' and ends with an almost scientific 'ist' that makes it sound that the art of loafing, of laziness with pleasure, an active verb. a beloafist is an artist of the first rank who eschews the whitmanist air of a gigantic laziness that wishes to spread beyond the horizons but that even in its quieter moments can still invite the soul. it could become my mantra.


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