Sunday, January 25, 2009

'you are innocent when you dream'

i hope so. my dreams have been pretty vivid lately. last night, or was it early this morning, i dreamt that i was going to read with ron silliman. i've no idea why or where but the venue was a fairly large pub and i arrived early with the host. i drove to the pub and parked my car about a block away. now this is where my dream gets a bit strange with that sort of logic only avialable in dreams. because for the reading i was required to remove my clothes. but there was no shame in it and nothing at all sexual. as the pub began filling up with an audience comprised of both nude and non-nude people i realized i'd forgotten my books i was to read from at home. silliman had yet to arrive and with a half an hour to go till start time i told the host i'd be right back and if i was a bit late to ask silliman to go first. i then gathered up my clothes in a kind of green room and started to look for my car. my house was only 10 minutes away but i could not find my car at all. i check the time and saw that the reading already started. i woke to that palpitating worry one wakes to with a dream like this and then a moment later i had a sense of relief because it was only a dream.

what does it mean? i haven't a clue. but surely my dream is mined from a worry that i have about a group reading i'm participating in scheduled for monday 2/2/09. on top of that, there is the guilty feeling i have because of being unable to meet a poet friend who was visiting the bay area this weekend because of our, or more specifically - my, conflicting schedules.

anyway, in better news mr jon cone now has a blog the artaud expedition.

check yr head


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