Tuesday, March 17, 2009

these are days

i'd forgotten it was st. patrick's day until i walked home and i was witness to many hipsters garbed in green hopping from pub to pub. it was a long day at work, but it began with re-reading a little jim mccrary which is a proof against all kinds of bullshit so i was readily prepared for whatever the day might bring.

and brought it did. for i was nearly pooped on my sojourn home. but the weather was too gorgeous and the critters, bugs and birds are all dancing and chirping in their pursuits of making more critters, bugs and birds. and a friend wrote to me this afternoon asking if i was okay because i've been silent for a while and knowing about my recent bout with the blues.

but how can one be too down when on days like these it feels good to be alive. the blues comes and goes, no big thing. but right now i'd rather stay away from the funk and instead crank the ramones to 11. so there i was walking thru cesar chavez plaza which is ringed with ornamental pear trees that are fantastically in bloom. a homeless woman was walking past and seriously eyeballing me but she had on a smile. i was about to say something like, good evening, when she said in a rush, your hair looks good amid all these blooms.

what can i say? i was flattered and a bit chagrined at having my ego messaged by a stranger. but then weirder things have happened to you all. for her and for you i dedicate to you this song:


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