Monday, May 18, 2009

teenage lobotomy

on saturday night the conversation steered toward guilty pleasures. the kind of shit that we know are in fact shit but like them anyway. i have them, these guilty pleasures, and i know you do too. for me my guilty pleasures don't involve food, sex, movies, or books. nope, i'm pretty open about all of that. for me guilty pleasures are certain kinds of music. perhaps they aren't so guilty after all, i mean, i love contradictions and to hear of say some metalhead who also loves cat stevens is, i think, quite bracing.

at any rate, a few nights ago i was feeling rather self-destructive so i fired up the laptop and navigated toward youtube to find a video of a song that i remembered from the late '80s when hair metal bands dominated mtv. i don't know. sometimes one gets into a mood where all you want to feel is pain. or if not pain, then acute annoyance. the song i looked for but didn't find the video is 'wait' by a band called white lion. there was some live vids of the band playing the song, but i wanted the video. no luck.

however, the singer of white lion in one performance of the song went on a rant about how the '80s was a time of fetes and revelry and that bands that ousted hair bands from the airwaves, such as nirvana and pearl jam, were earnest, stolid and way too serious to let their hair down and party. all the fun i guess was used up by the hair bands because they all, or so i surmised from the singer's tone, partied like it was 1999.

i came of age in the '80s and let me tell you with nancy reagan telling teenagers to just say no to drugs, the meece commission investigating pornography for oh i don't know what - maybe smut? the iran-contra hearings, reaganomics, trickle-down theory, the savings and loans being bailed out of their own hubris with billions of taxpayer dollars, and crap on the radio like white lion, it sure didn't feel like a party.

mercy mercy me. back to my guilty pleasure. sometimes i just got to rock the house. i'm not a fan of limp bizkit but man this live performance of 'break stuff' gets the adrenal gland all juiced up. it's idiotic and also fun. like a teenage lobotomy. that's just how i roll.


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