Friday, July 17, 2009


once upon a time i ordered a pair of x-ray specs that was advertised in the back pages of a 1970s era spiderman comic book & i kept those glasses for years until one night me and a friend were driving around frying on shrooms when the lights of the road became light sabres & me being the passenger felt like sulu on the bridge of the enterprise as it zoomed thru the known universe at warp speed whereupon i recall my x-ray specs & how when a kid i wore them when i wanted to see the inside of the known universe like ray milland in the man with the x-ray eyes who at the end of the movie sees the big eye at the center of the universe that never blinks whereupon i slammed against the idea if i closed my eyes then i could make those damn glasses work & i’d see the thrum of everything rather than the bluish spray that is my life


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