Thursday, July 09, 2009

only connect

kleinzahler is cornered at amoeba music in sf and asked to show what he's buying and why. cool, good, i like to know what favorite writers are reading/watching/listening. what i particularly like about this interview is how kleinzahler confesses to a constant musical education, listening to what is played in the store and asking after the music. ain't that what it's all about anyhow?

which reminds me of my reading a younger poet's blog this afternoon. i like this particular poet's pieces very much, both on the blog and poems published elsewhere. the poet is constantly making discoveries, continuing to expand a wealth of taste and knowledge. which reminds me of my own constant education. i turned 42 last month. i've been reading and writing seriously, taking myself seriously even if no else had, or does, for over 20 years now. i thought that at my present age i'd be closer to mastering my sullen art. but no. it's not like that at all. i'm still making discoveries and learning and still always making a hell of a lot of mistakes. but is it not supposed to be this way? otherwise writing/reading would become boring. i hope so, because i still get the highest high from the art. and i figure i'd need 20 lifetimes for me to even approach mastery. so screw it. poetry is not like life. it is life and when life becomes boring perhaps it is time to break the pencil and bite a bullet.


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