Wednesday, July 01, 2009

return to the trailer park

after posting my last 'splat' last i went itno a trailer marathon watching session. the above trailer is for the thus far only stephen king movie written and directed by king himself. 'maximum overdrive' is based on king's on short story 'trucks' where vehicles become intelligent and psychotic killing machines who end our dominance on earth. seriously silly the film stars emilio estevez as the leader of a group of survivors who hole up in a truck stop as they try to ward off the attacks of various vehicles of all sizes. scary? not if you think a tepid ac/dc score and a lead villain truck with a goblin mask attached to its grill is terrifying. yet, i have a soft spot for the movie as i was once a big-time king geek. and this trailer is classic as king shills his film by talking directly to the camera. king ends his spiel by telling us that he's gonna scare the hell out of us. he's absolutely right in that, but not from the film itself. what's scaring the hell out of us is that huge flap of dead bear fur glued to his face. terrifying!


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