Friday, August 14, 2009

a conversation

fade in

dusk. a father and small son are walking north on busy alhambra blvd. the usual street scene. traffic. pedestrians. homeless pushing their shopping carts. on one corner is a starbucks. the smell of coffee in the late summer air. directly across the street on the opposite corner is a kfc. the smell of deep-fried competes with the rich aroma of coffee & diesel fumes & car exhaust.

son: how do you become a vampire?

father: you must be bit in the neck by a vampire to become a vampire.

son: then you won't die?

father: vampires never die. they live forever.

son: then we won't die?

father: we won't die. there is a small wrinkle. vampires exist only in movies, books and stories. they are not real.

son: then we won't die?

father: not for a very long time.

son: then we won't die?

father: we won't die.

son: why do we have ankles?

father: to keep are legs from dragging on the ground.

wipe and fade to black


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