Thursday, September 03, 2009

candy corn

all candy is associated with halloween. it is the thing that children go door to door for yelling TRICK OR TREAT hoping for the treat rather than playing tricks. yet no other candy is so closely identified with all hallow's eve than candy corn.

i can't say it is my favorite type of candy but put a bowl of it in front of me -- suddenly desire complicates the frail scaffolding of my reason. like a junkie needing a fix my hands seem to develop a will of their own as they scoop up the waxy treats and deposit them in my mouth. more is never enough.

what is cool about the candy is how it looks: orange, yellow and white which conjures the umber tones of fall as it is fabricated to look like corn kernels off the cob. not knowing much about the candy i googled for some info and found this brief wiki article. some one also made the following paean to the sweet treat. come, 'tis the season to satisfy your cravings.



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