Friday, October 30, 2009

lessons for travelers

1. no matter how many tattoos you have someone standing in a queue has more than you

2. no matter how corporate disney is everyone esp. the japanese loves the happiest place on earth

3. driving I-5 is better at night listening to halloween radio when it is pitch black outside and the winds are kicking up dust like fog across the land

4. the burg of gormley situated about 100 or so miles east of l.a. is freezing at 7:30 pm

5. the haunted mansion is proof that everyday is halloween

6. rush hour traffic in l.a. is nearly like driving in rush hour traffic in sac

7. even when you reach your 40s and you have hit the mid-point of life and nothing scares you because you can see death approach the horizon the ride at space mountain still hits you in the gullet

8. the ambient music used for space mountain is terrifying and makes you wonder why there is not a species of electronica called horror ambient

9. and that in the end there is no place like home


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