Monday, October 12, 2009

walls of malls

you've seen 'em. you've shopped in 'em. you may even have fond memories of coming of age with one or two of 'em. growing up in the latter half of the past century and now finishing up the first decade of the new century you know malls. we hate them. we love them. we might even consider them necessary evils. george a romero even critiqued 'em and our consumer culture in his brilliant zombie movie dawn of the dead [1978]. other movies, such as valley girl [1983], spend a considerable amount of rather uncritical screentime in 'em. however you take them they are a very fact of our lives. so i should be unsurprised to find a pretty cool blog tonight dedicated to the sort of mid-20th century malls i grew up with and in. mall hall of fame lays out design plans, photos of malls past and in their current incarnation, and hosts a nice set of links. welcome to the future, boys and girls, brought to you by today's technology in a town that time forgot.


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