Saturday, November 14, 2009

dinner at costco

without making this sound like a plug for the chain warehouse retailer -- it's an establishment you can lose yourself, both figuratively and literally, the place and its plethora of goods on sale are huuuuge! -- anna picked me up after work for our weekly trip. we needed the usual things.

one thing led to another. the time was later than earlier. dinner was the subject of conversation as we began the long journey across the enormous parking lot, across the vast sea of vehicles. there's a foodcourt at costco with a very limited menu but one that offered slices of pizza. a lightbulb flashed over my head. another thing led to one thing. three slices of the greasiest cheese pizza and a fountain drink were ordered. the slices were ginormous. we sat outside in the cold and dark. california cold, not wisconsin cold. just a bit of crispness in the air. our favorite time of year and one of my favorite times of day. this is the life poetic here at casa del lopez/bronson. the evening ended with me and anna watching a disc of the vincente minnelli helmed vehicle for judy garland meet me in st. louis [1944], a fabulous movie about the life of a family in 1903. one thing i always do in period pieces such as this picture, and also older films too, is try to place myself in its timeline. for example, i was born in the late '60s, so if i were born a hundred years earlier i'd be too young to be the father but too old to be one of the kids in the flick. so where would i sit?

finally, a shout-out to poet michael lally who underwent brain surgery yesterday. read his beautiful pre-surgery post here. here's too a speedy recovery and a return to the word.

peace out


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