Friday, November 06, 2009

house cleaning

welcome to costco. i love you.

the above quote comes from the movie idiocracy [2006] directed by mike judge, he of the mtv video show hosted by 2 of the grossest animated morons ever on television, beavis and butthead. the premise is simple: luke wilson plays a slacker who is so average the army uses him in an experiment that goes awry. wilson is put into hibernation than forgotten about thru a series of stupid mishaps by army scientists and when he awakens 500 years in the future he finds the world has been so dumbed down he is the smartest person on earth. not a masterpiece but a favorite of ours at casa de lopez/bronson.

so i was at costco this afternoon and thought of the greeter in the movie who says those lines quoted above. perfecto. anna and i spent the remainder of our vacation doing some serious house cleaning, going thru a massive purging of things and doing some serious organizing. well, then anyway, okay, at costco i see the paperback tie-in for the movie version of the road, which is slated to open in 2 weeks. this makes me happy.

i've been waiting for this goddamned flick for a long time now. when i told anna about getting happy seeing the paperback tie-in she said, god, your bound to be disappointed now because you have so much invested in the movie. no, i don't have so much invested in the movie. it could suck for all i know and i still will be pleased to see it.

but you see, anna hooked up with a geek. a serious mutherfucking geek. a movie nerd and poet with almost no ambition but to live a life fully in my family and my obsessions. films make me happy and i look forward to certain films. and the road is a story i fell in love with because it is about the end of the world, a subject i'm nuts about, and the beauty of love and survival.

one thing we found in our purge was my w2 statement from 1994. i made just a little over 5 grand. i can't recall if we kept it or not. anna knew what she was getting into. at that time i spent more time in the library stacks making one poetry discovery after another than i did in the classroom. not that that matters so much, i guess, however she knew that my only need was to become a poet. that is a process i've learned that is never finished and is never remunerated. ever.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Allen said...

great quote, and the movie sounhds tempting.


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