Monday, November 02, 2009

some bits and pieces

one of the chaps i've been re-reading is delusiveness [3rdness; 2006] by randy prunty. i love the structure and form of the book whereby meaning is made elusive as each sentence complicates and lingers toward a kind of meaning that dangles on the tip of the tongue but simply is unable to be said. prunty is a favorite of mine as he is a comedian of sorts and his lines jangle and hum with self-deprecation and deadpan irony. to this reader the texts are attempting a definition of a certain consciousness that calls itself randy but the randy is various and basks in a kind of laziness. however, it is a laziness of intent and not of execution as the speaker(s) long for a sort of delusiveness that is obviated by the process of collaging these texts together. prunty achieves a fragile unity that threatens to untangle at each successive sentence. these poems are very like a low-budget movie that succeeds by sheer will and an obvious talent at making an art simply pop in explosive joy. in the end, these are texts that make me happy to be alive as they bring to mind a kind of b-movie that i adore: goofy, earnest, funny, and so much bloody delight on display in the making and saying of these texts.

* * *

the film version of cormac mccarthy's the road, starring viggo mortensen as the father trying to keep himself and his son alive in a dead world, has been pushed back and pushed back so far it seems like the movie would never open. the news is that the movie is slated for a 11/25/09 release. i don't want to say i've got a lot invested in this picture but man i'm dying to see it. head over to where there are several clips to be seen. click here to see them all. the clips are, i suppose, a proof that the movie does indeed exist. another proof is the official trailer. see below.

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i'm going to try at least once a week to recommend a blog or website that i've been digging but don't have in my links. consider it a hot tip, much like what jim harrison did when he used to write his 'raw and cooked' column for esquire magazine back in the early '90s.

blog: acidemic film, a movie blog that deals primarily in horror and exploitation movies by, about, or viewed thru the rainbow-hued lens of lsd. great stuff and is a lens i'm particularly interested in as i cobble a collection of texts together that have the same sort of sensibilities.

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