Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 visions of death

across the street from coffee works
was a women's clinic
each sunday would see a protest
a woman's right to choose
each sunday would stand a row of fat
middle-aged men taunting the women
who would cross their line under security of escort
each sunday was their preacher dressed as the grim reaper
black cloak and hood white skull mask and scythe
each sunday the preacher would fall to his knees
and then use his bony fingers to point


last morning on my way to work i pass city hall

some sort of dispute was happening

looked like a demonstration but quiet and low-key

there was a large scroll that i tried to read

no matter how deep their message i just couldn't make it out

two grim reapers held the scroll to the traffic on the street

dressed in black cloaks and hood white skull masks and scythes


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