Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the cold vs me

can you believe it. after a pretty rainy weekend it clears up today and we have one of those clear, blue, cloudless, cold autumn days that make me want to bust out into song. seriously. i love this light here in california as it spreads and dapples the streets, vehicles, homes, hi-rises and the million trees that sac is famous for.

i should be singing but i've not been able to get a full night's sleep because of the tail-end of a cold with a persistant nagging cough. and the lack of sleep is seriously bringing me down. halloween is just a few days away and i'll i can manage is a gruff, hmmm. . .crap, i need a witness and i need some sleep. i should be sleeping now but i'm wide awake.

so i'm listening to halloween radio via live365.com and reading the blog by steve roggenbuck found via ron silliman's links a couple days ago. roggenbuck is a think a poet in his early 20s which makes me officially on the level of being the old man. ah what the hell. . .as my compatriot in these arts of life and writing jim mccrary wrote:

Here’s the deal
You may not have noticed
But when you are young
You write crap
Maybe later you wont

That’s how it goes.

mccrary knows his shit and i sure as hell won't be calling him an elder statesman. he's as vital and contemporary as anyone else, then and now. mccrary is like the fonz, always cool.

roggenbuck is i think vital too. i like what i've read thus far but why i'm talking about him here is his post on copyright and publishing. i'd link directly to it but i can't figure out how. maybe i can't because i'm old. i don't know. at any rate, find his blog and check out the 10/14/10 post. i can dig what roggenbuck is saying. brings into focus for the 21st century d.a. levy's copyrot ethos. fuckin' a, right. and it is an ethos i've publicly embraced for a long time.

now for something nicholas said that tickled my funnybone. we'd been watching a movie where a family moves from kansas to so cal so there's a lot of lush photography of surf, sand, sun and beaches and the soundtrack is packed with songs singing the praises of my beloved state. nicholas turns to me and asks, what's the big deal about california, daddy. it's just filled with lots of traffic and big crashes.

from the mouth of babes.


At 8:29 AM, Blogger Closely Observed Train Stations said...

Your sons comment made me laugh too. It reminds me of the way people romanticize Australia. With such perspicacity, your boy has the makings of a fine writer.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

thanks ryan. i thought nick's remark was spot-on too. kid's got an amazing way to put things in perspective


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