Sunday, December 12, 2010

i don't/do remember to dream

i do dream but i rarely remember them. rather there are bits and pieces that makes a kind of sense upon waking but lose their meaning and their weight as the day progresses. i don't put much stock into dreams -- surrealism has little attraction for me, even if i admire specific surrealist writers -- nor do i trust dream interpretations. i do know that when i am stressed about something, anything, i recall the fragments of my dreams. the best sleep is the kind of rest when my head hits the pillow, i stretch upon the glorious field of the bed, and crash. memories of dreams rarely factor in. still, i have an image of a dream last night. i awoke to it. i was at a gas station. i was with several people. we were traveling to a specific destination. a woman was shot by an unknown, unseen assailant. i didn't know what happened until i bent toward the woman and saw the blood. i took my shirt off and used that to try to staunch the blood. i was yelling for someone to call 911. what that dream means i haven't the foggiest notion. but here i am several hours away from waking and looking toward another night's crash into the surf of sleep, and i still remember last night's fragments.


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