Friday, February 18, 2011

eaten by the monster of love

shit. fer sure. like totally. anna and i started talking about the differences between guy flix, you know shoot-them-up blowing-shit-up action pics, and what are popularly known as chick flix, romantic comedies. i said, guys do like rom-coms and women like action movies. then we started listing our favorite romantic films. below is one of the most romantic scenes in one of our favorite movies.

there are classic romantic films like casablanca and gone with the wind, of course. and there are a very many others. but this flick is very specific to our generation and thus it hits the mark for us.

valley girl [1983]

this scene never fails to move me. the chemistry between deborah foreman and nicolas cage is electric. what i especially admire is how the director martha coolidge and her screenwriters made the awkwardness of first love so authentic. the mumbling and trips of the tongue make this scene incredibly alive and sincere. plus the plimsouls are performing onstage and when cage and foreman lean in for their first kiss the soundtrack cues up and weighs the scene with such import that when foreman's character says that she feels like she's somehow linked with cage i believe every word. it's an absolutely brilliant moment and so very romantic.


At 6:33 AM, Blogger Jim K. said...

wow...that's a great clip
it's a little hollywood, but
definitely...the chemistry is true

esp. compared to a lot of tacky
stuck around the time

"Times Square" had some great
moments too..

At 10:52 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

i'm not familiar with TIMES SQUARE but one thing anna and i love about VALLEY GIRL is how the movie is so much of its time. the year is 1983, the soundtrack is alt-music ca. 1983, the clothes are 1983. it captures the time perfectly. plus i had a huge crush on deborah foreman when i was only a lad.


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