Friday, February 04, 2011

no desk top

apropos eileen tabios' blog moi desk where the st helena poet catalogues all the items on her desk, i can say that i don't have a desk. i use a laptop and sit in a recliner in what we've dubbed, the back room, an addition to the house that has become my, and nick's, own little room. this is the place with almost all the bookshelves. i sit surrounded by books and dvds. i can't tell you how much pleasure i get from just looking at the packed shelves. there's a small tv/dvd combo where nick now mostly watches his movies. i've taken to watching my own flix using the laptop. i read scads online now. what book or print zine i'm reading sits on top of a chest to my right. quoting from print to use on the blog or poem is a bit of a pain since there really is no place to prop the book open. so i type with one hand while holding open the spine of the book or zine as i read the print text. that's quite a juggling act. it's a pretty spare affair here. i used to have a desk. i might get one in the future but i'm more comfortable in my recliner with my laptop and books and discs. oh, i do have a pair of headphones because i like listening to internet radio as i read and write. and i pop into youtube for a live music fix. that's what youtube is good for, i think, watching movie trailers and live music. i remember a blog where various people posted what was on their nightstands. the desk is more interesting, i think, at least to me. because the nightstand is the piece of furniture we use to hold the things we use before and after we dream. the desk is the site where we work to make the materials of those dreams happen.


At 7:23 AM, Blogger EILEEN said...

Nicely done. The "desk" of course, need not be the traditional desk ... perhaps in the same way the book need not be the ye-olde hardback tome, or the poem the ...

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Jim K. said...

I have a lot of pedestal tables
I made for laptop, netbook,
book, etc. I oughta do an entry
with those. If you were nearby
I'd bring a half-doz over for
try-outs. It's an obsession making
them...they're small.
The laptop/netbook/book tables
are birch-ply/loong screws/2x4/
lexan gussets. The wander all over.


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