Tuesday, July 05, 2011

cat puddles

cats make great thermometers. when it's cold they curl into a ball. as the temperature rises they elongate then finally stretch out into languid, liquid poses when the heat index goes thru the roof. it's been hot this past weekend. triple digits. summer's bitchslap saying, yo i am here!

we spent the weekend at the public pool. we've been doing a lot of time at the pool. we all have deep tans. the deck was so hot that my feet burst into flames between removing my shoes and getting to the coping. blisters galore.

reading stefan hyner last night he quotes a chinese phrase that translates to abandon oneself to poetry and wine. yes, that's it exactly. read the wine part as a metaphor if you want, or as a literal call to arms. the classical chinese poets did love to drink didn't they. they also loved poetry. like me. like you.

cy twombly passed away today. r.i.p. maestro. you lived a long, good life. we have your work. that should be enough.


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