Tuesday, August 23, 2011


today is jorge luis borges' 112th birthday?

i forgot

in the middle of my life i find my self in the middle

of my life

oh no problem

the day went okay

* * *

in the morning i'll face my


in the mirror

and wonder who

is writing this sentence

* * *

if this is the floating world

this must be the flotsam


At 10:24 AM, Blogger Jim K. said...

It is the age of flotsam all around.
They say marginalization addled
the tower burners. It addles
the resentments of the tea-radio
screamers. Perhaps we buried
the future on the Moon. It was a
trapeze too far to jump for. Wiley
E. Coyote took out equity loans
and filched OPM for 30 years,
before looking down to the canyon
floor in 2006.


On a brighter note, methinks the
Po flotsam signals the retreat
of the Po tsunami several years
back, though only dropping contest
submissons and MFA entrances are

You and I, meanwhile, float on
the Sargasso Sea. It is publicly
visible, though, like from the
window of a Coast Guard plane.
As opposed to the private comfort
of friends Facebook. More like
being in a nursing home. That would
be the life of Jetsam rather than
flotsam. Jetsam is intentionally
cast. Not that you can't do both,
but I prefer not to let the
presence of the similarly affected
substitute for the missing public,
the 500-lb gorilla who left the
room when the raisins ran out.

Flotsam explores, like the Nikes
drifting the sea from the
container ship sinkage. I suppose
I would be a fiddler crab visiting
your shoe. Maybe you have some weed
on your shoe, as it were...heh.

Persist, explore,
and think of spells to cast.

At 10:16 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

very nice, jim! your words are exactly what i needed to hear.


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