Thursday, September 01, 2011

es verdad

is the title of the newest chap by jim mccrary published as a pdf e-book. it's a complete delight. then again, i'm rather biased toward mccrary as a man and poet. in my book, there is no other. still, you should read his work. start here. if you'd like a copy of es verdad email me. i'm sure mccrary, that great diy poeta, wouldn't mind that i send copies to whomever asks for them. this is a book of pics of horses taken in the yucatan where mccrary and his wife, painter sue ashline, have travelled for 20 years, and accompanying texts. the real clincher for me is a photo of the author and a dog that would melt the heart of any winter warlock. the expression of the dog will slay you. it's a killer, and so is this book.


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