Monday, October 10, 2011

every day is halloween

we were driving to wheatland yesterday. to bishop's pumpkin farm for our yearly fall ritual of going to the pumpkin patch. nothing prettier to the eye than fields upon fields of pumpkins. and tho i've been a nut for all things halloween all my life it wasn't until the birth of nick that we started our ritual of the pumpkin patch.

why would we without nick? after all pumpkin patches are really designed with children in mind. there is nothing frightening, or gory, at bishop's. there is nothing that goes bump in the night. i do think spending an evening in a pumpkin patch might be a little spooky given the right atmosphere. if and but bishop's pumpkin farm is loaded with activities for the kids, places to eat, fresh pumpkin pies to be relished and loads of those kinds of kitschy crafts that one tends to find for sale at seasonal places like this.

still it was fun. we met b. and s. and their kid and the kids had a blast. there was even a band that played surf music cover songs that i thought were quite good. the kids agreed because they were seriously shaking their groove things much to the delight of the lead guitarist who often joined the kids in the crowd to shake his groove thing.

pumpkins, indeed. we bought a peck of them. it was a delightful day thru out. wheatland is a small, farming community about 45 minutes outside of sac. there is a whole lot of fields and little else out there. at the end of the day we were tired, dusty and laden with all things pumpkin-y. nick was still going strong. anna and i were ready for a nap.



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