Wednesday, November 02, 2011

strip down lyrics

i am in my 2nd week of a 2 week vacation. dropped nick off at school. anna's at work. i am doing my best to do nothing. don't know if i'll succeed.

but then anyway, halloween was a blast. kids scored big time. it was wonderful to see the neighborhood light up in orange and red with children in costumes galore.

we had a robo call asking us to support occupy wall street. okay, cool. i can't help but wonder who funded the calls.

tho i've been reading the newspaper i've not been keeping up on the news like i normally do. which is a nice break. i have a question: has there been a time when the world stopped going to shit?

am reading some/watching some/listening some.

i want a writing stripped down and lean, but fat too. i want a poetics of nothing that contains multitudes.

i worry about an emphasis on joy and pleasure while in plain sight of horror and pain.

but i must insist that life is like that, and that too.


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