Sunday, October 23, 2011

every day is halloween


let us now talk about zombies, and their staying power. if you guessed i'm a fan of the television show the walking dead give yourself a cigar. as i type this currently playing on amc is george a. romero's diary of the dead [2007] a critique of our media culture. that's maybe why 40 plus years after romero's groundbreaking masterpiece, night of the living dead [1968], zombies are a foil protean enough to translate and critique whatever socio-economic climates we create. when we watch a zombie flick we are watching ourselves, the collective at its most primal and base. perhaps maybe it's only that i have eyes for zombies because they are a favorite trope of mine. give me post-apocalyptic cinema any day. throw in some undead flesh-eaters, and survivors navigating thru the madness of an inverted world and i'm a happy guy. maybe zombies are still around because there are enough geeks like me who love them. perhaps it's because it is a week before halloween that zombies seem to be every where. perhaps it's because of a load of issues such as the fucked-up environment, economies in the tank, a rising cri de coeur of the populace fed up with the status quo, and a population that is reported to reach 7 billion by halloween.



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