Wednesday, October 12, 2011

every day is halloween

resident evil [2002]

i haven't forgotten to watch some shitty movies for the pumpkin season. this flick fits in just fine. for it is quite a shitty movie. i'm not a video game player so i'm totally unfamiliar with the source material here -- it is based on a video game, duh -- but the pic stars gorgeous milla jovovich, who is just simply watchable in whatever drivel she's cast so how bad can it be?

i can't tell you about the plot. i couldn't bear it. it's not all bad. it's entertaining in a grade-z kinda way. i won't spoil you on what little plot the filmmakers eventually propped their filmmaking conceits. however, on the strength of this flick the series became a franchise and there are now -- what? -- 5 or 6 resident evil movies. they all star jovovich and that is the only reason to waste a few precious hours out of your life, hours you will never see again, hours you can never get back, to watch.

ostensibly the movie is about zombies that are created by an evil corporation [are there any other kind?]. jovovich can kick some serious zombie butt. the electronic score is pretty good too. while the movie is effectively lit using muted tones and the editing does a serviceable job of sequencing the action scenes.

the direction is a bit slack. and character development? you must be kidding. i've seen jovovich in a few movies now and i honestly can't answer the question: can she act? she can hold a scene by her sheer presence. she does very well in the action department. but demonstrating honest human emotions. i'm at a loss.

doesn't matter. i count myself a fan of hers. even in such schlock as this. the only frightening thing about this movie is. . .ah no. there's nothing frightening about this movie. proceed at your own risk.



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