Wednesday, August 15, 2012

totally like don't care about the summer movie season anymore.  i've seen only one flick this summer, dark knight rises, which i wrote a review and i was frankly underwhelmed by the pic.  i think my review was a bit more positive.  oh well.  not that i no longer love films but frankly the summer movie season -- and recall i was 8 years old when jaws was released which is credited as being the first summer flick to bust the block; i've lived with summer blockbusters nearly my whole life and i would get jazzed about summertime moviegoing -- frankly sucks.

why name names here.  i mean movies that fail to compel my interest.  i've seen only two movies this whole summer.  the other was battleship.  i took nick to the drive-ins earlier this summer and battleship was the only movie that was even remotely age appropriate for nick.  i keenly love drive-ins and everything about them but with battleship i nearly lost my faith in humanity.

at any rate, the summer in nearly done.  i want to take nick back to the drive-in one last time.  and my great friend b. and i have not done our annual summer drive-in knock-out too.  the weather should be warm until october so b. and i still have a couple months to get our asses in gear and get to the drive-in.

speaking of october, yep, that's right brothers and sisters.  halloween.  i need a witness.  i nearly bumped into the halloween candy displays at the grocery store yesterday.  it's still hotter than the surface of the sun here in sac but there are traces of fall in the changing foliage of chinese pistache trees and that great golden northern california light. 

i'll be doing my 60 days of halloween beginning in september.  i won't be posting stuff everyday but when i find something cool to write about and/or watch a good really bad movie to review you'll see it under EVERDAY IS HALLOWEEN title on top of the usual poems, sketches and bits and pieces posted here.

in the meantime, i've stopped worrying about whether good movies will be produced again.  i'm catching up on episodes of paranormal witness on the syfy channel.  allegedly true tales of hauntings and other strange encounters that are sometimes pretty scary viewing.  follow that link and you can watch some episodes and judge for yourself. 

happy haunting.



At 12:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Summer wont be complete without a trip to the drive inns, Yea boy! B


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