Sunday, September 02, 2012

everyday is halloween

yeah, i know, it's still officially summer.  yet today was one of those days that we used to call indian summer.  the air was way past hazy.  it was down-right smoggy.  and the temperature was in the mid-90s.  nevertheless, it felt like the beginning of fall to me.  we shopped at costco this afternoon.  costco has a huge bakery.  guess what?  that's right.  there was pumpkin pie!  we bought two pies.  then i took nick for a round of monster mini golf.  have no idea what that means?  take a gander.

this video is from a place in florida, but it's the same kind of set up here too.  black light, day-glo paint, and lots of animatronic monsters all add up to a great time. 

then nick and i went to a barnes & noble because i still have a gift card from christmas.  i was looking for the the walking dead second season dvd.  they were sold out.  nick settled on a couple of laminated field guides to the flora and fauna of california.  he's ever the naturalist.  he had a difficult time choosing between the field guides and a book on precious gemstones.  me, i was happy to see that there were a bunch of halloween books on display.

then we walked down a bit to the next store over.  i had seen sign for a spirit halloween store.  a sign on the door read the store will be open on september seven.  nick and i looked in the windows.  some stuff was up.  a lot was still under construction.

no matter.  we got home and each had a large piece of the first pumpkin pie of the season, and we are in love.



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