Monday, August 27, 2012

it's intermission time!

this is the last week of summer.  last unofficial week that is before the kids go back to school and minds turn toward autumn.  what's more summer-like than an evening at the drive-in? 

below is a vid that is the next best thing to being at the drive-in.  it's a favorite of mine and  the video is so redolent of summer nights.  listening to it and watching the flyers you can almost smell the bbq and feel the swelter in the air.  the announcer is a d.j. playing early rock&roll and shilling the grub at the snack bar.  not sure where and when the recording was made but i guess it's probably the early 1960s and, given the d.j.'s accent, the drive-in is located in the south. 

the flyers are crudely made to sell the exploitation movies shown at the drive-in.  they are like outsider art in their plaintive simplicity.  i fucking love 'em!

this video is a love letter to the drive-in experience and was made by the seattle dvd outfit something weird video.   i have lots of swv discs in my collection and all of their dvds are packed with extras like this one.  but this one is my favorite of favorites.

let's all go to the drive-in and get ourselves a treat!


At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have to go to the drive-ins soon.

I looked up cool pumpkin patch, Opens the 15th and stays open until 8pm every night. Starting at dusk would be fun.


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