Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Plop of Samuel Pepys

could have been worse but certainly been better at home watching a very good sleeper from spain before the fall [2008] by javier gutierrez washed out daylight dusty plains as a meteor is about to wipe out the planet and yet damn if the movie really wasn't about the end of the world but the dynamics of a man who is awkward and dumb who rises to protect his brother's children i am impressed by the filmmaker whose deft hand controlled the perfect pitch of the flick but then after the movie ends i go online looking at skateboard vids of pro skater rodney mullen whose book how to skateboard and not kill yourself i thumbed thru a couple weeks ago and almost bought it but i know that if yep i do try to skate i will probably kill myself but i like the title and thought of penning a primer in verse titled how to write poetry without killing yourself too late i think what the fuck i should be writing this in code


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