Tuesday, October 02, 2012

everyday is halloween

especially if your the band zombina and the skeletones.  i've posted the following video before.  why not a second or third time.  see this band is a favorite of mine.  zats' black humor, their hook laden tunes, schlocky horror and cheap sci-fi imagery married to zombina's voice with its atonal sexiness drives me up the wall.  in a very good way.  tho zats date back to the turn of the millennium, tour frequently, are prolific in publishing their music, they've never toured the u.s.  one explanation for that posted below one their videos is because they can't afford to come overseas.  bummer for us.  this is the band second only to the misfits for pure hook-laden horror music.  no, scratch that.  this is the music we want our enemies to hear when they dance on our graves. 

boils and ghouls i give you 'red planet'.




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