Monday, March 25, 2013

a note on poetry

poetry comes from life.  poetry becomes a life.  just realized i had posted two poems in a row where noah the cat takes center stage.  when that kitty takes a dump he scratches and scratches in his box like it will be his last time so he might as well scratch the paint off the walls.  have i been in a funk?  i ask because it seems to me that i may be in danger of losing my sense of humor.  often life seems like a joke.  sometimes that joke is funny.  i want to write funny.  funny strange.  and especially funny ha ha.  and movies.  i've not been watching many movies.  yet i love cinema.  i am like that old song by the pixies 'where is my mind.'  poetry is a communal art.  because we all own the words.  a picture is worth a thousand words.  and yet poetry is a universe of images.  together we share the universe.  i am you.  you are me.  get used to it.   


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