Friday, March 29, 2013

it was warm today.  real warm.  after work set about with a few errands which involved a trip to target to buy -- you know -- supplies.  driving home near 9:00 pm people were still outside riding their bikes, walking their hounds, in t-shirts and shorts! 

don't know what duchampian poetics is but i want more of it.

got new bedroom furniture.  it's all set up in our bedroom.  the old stuff, dresser, bed, is in the backroom with me -- right now.  every time i look up i see dead wood.

okay, i'd written a few weeks ago that most movies suck.  we are in a period of our culture where everything is corporate -- movies and music.  but it won't always be so.  something will break out of corporate molds. 

i live in a digital world but i love being surrounded by analog things: books, CDs.

ever get that feeling that the you you stare at in the mirror is not the you inside your head but another you from an alternate universe as described in string theory who thinks his life is fucked up too but is staring at you with an envy that can only be described as mild.

spring = cadbury eggs.  fuck yeah.


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