Friday, June 14, 2013

scanning the dial

it's easy to become jaded and bored.  particularly as you get older.  been-there-done-that.  nothing-new-under-the-sun.  the task in life for the middle-aged is how to keep that lust for life iggy pop sang about going.

thought i'd give you an easy answer to that question?!  ha!  nope.  there is no answer.  each person must find their own lust for life. 

we are so forward-thinking and looking for what's new.  nothing but new will satisfy, right.  and yet. . .and yet. . .a couple nights ago i was running a few errands.  i don't like driving but i do drive because it is a necessity.  we subscribe to satellite radio.  there is some really good stuff on satellite radio. 

i was scanning the dial and hit upon the '50s station.  fats domino, jerry lee lewis, hardcore rockabilly, doo-wop.  a veritable freaking universe of music!  it hit me just like that.  there is so much stuff to discover in the past that is as fresh as what was recorded today that i'd need a hundred lifetimes to make an adequate study. 

stuff from the past!  all brand new to me.  fucking broke down my own middle-aged smugness.  at least for a while. 


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