Friday, June 28, 2013

what the hell is with all the spam

in my comment box?  i saw a couple of comments and i thought woo! someone's taken the time to say something about my work and instead what i get is some kind of odd shill for i don't know what.  aw, what the hell, that's capitalism, right?

this week's left me drained.  i come home from work, do my usual dad and husband things around the house, then when anna and nick go to bed i am also crashing.  plus i'm reading a few books that i bought at city lights last week including a collection of essays by h.l. hix and a novel by jaan kaplinski.  it was kaplinski that inspired the last set of dailies.  in a short essay by sam hamill that concludes a volume of poems by kaplinski, the wandering border [copper canyon press; 1987], says this about his identity as a man, poet and human being:

          If I write about Estonians, I mean Estonians, but if I write about Indians, I mean Indians.
          And in a sense, I am an Indian too.  I am a Buddhist, and I am simply a man.  And,
          primarily, first of all, a sentient being, a sensitive being.  And my poetry is a poetry
          written by such a being, not simply by an Estonian.

i don't do identity poetics/politics too well neither.  i live in california, have a common hispanic surname, but am a descendant of norwegian, spanish, english, and who knows what else.  i am the progeny of california full of hyphens and hybrids.  if someone asks me what i am i say i am simply a human being.  yet i love all cultures.  i love mexican culture[s], european, slavic, asian, southeast asian, indian and everywhere else that makes california such a bounty. 

i am a lopez.  i am a factor of all that i love and influences me.  i am a northern irish-polish-eastern european-russian-mexican-norwegian-swedish-spanish-asian [et al.]-baptized catholic-bastardized buddhist-following-his-own-dharma-practice poet.  there is that lot of me and all so luscious.  i don't exclude nobody. 


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