Monday, March 10, 2014

sprung forward

i will regain my happiness in the fall when we set our clocks back and we regain that hour we lost sunday morning when we observed the start of daylight savings time i've been groggy like a bear roused from a deep sleep deep in the bowels of his cave 

the morning was a good wet pour but by early afternoon the clouds evaporated and there was sunlight of a kind that rejuvenates the soul and recharges the mind

watched old episodes of cosmos hosted by carl sagan yesterday in preparation for the premier of the new cosmos hosted by astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson once in a while there is a program that can broaden the mind broadcast on network TV

while doing chores saturday i also thumbed thru an issue of the lit journal court green with its dossier on frank o'hara and i hazard to say we need so badly more poets like him so deeply in love with life

in discussing the stupidity and horrors of the 20th century with my father he said i reminded him of that character in the film spartacus [1960] not the slave spartacus but the trainer of the gladiator school who was summoned in the midst of the revolt to the roman general who was tasked to crush the rebellion and told to point out the leader of the slave revolt because the general did not know what spartacus looked like the trainer told the general that he can't he doesn't believe in war that he is a pacifist that he is a civilian the general said so what the trainer said you don't understand i'm even more civilian than a civilian

my father's observance of me reminds me of a poem i could never finish about daffy duck drafted into WWII daffy is a patriot until he receives a phone call that the little man from the draft board will be at daffy's house shortly to serve mr duck's induction papers daffy duck freezes in terror stops singing 'the halls of montezuma' and is chased all the way to hell to get away from the little man from the draft board


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